Several business ideas will help you make extra money in these hard economic times.

You could start selling bonsai to make extra money. Many people in the world today are still fascinated by these miniature plants. The prices at which they buy these plants are good hence if you want to start making some extra bucks you could try selling them on the weekends. However, you ought to carry out a survey first find out where you can purchase them at a good price to ensure you maximize your profits.

You could also sell chickens for a good profit. Selling chickens do not need a lot of capital. You need to identify your customer base first before purchasing the chicken. Get contracts with local restaurants and homes that love to eat chicken. With a good number of contracts, you can make some extra money.

You can also start a flea market business. This involves selling stuff during the weekends when you are free. The biggest challenge comes in identifying where to get the products to sell. You will need to look at first to identify your suppliers. Compare prices from the different suppliers so that you may purchase your products at a good price.

You could take on jobs that involve cleaning and repairing foggy lights. This will help you earn some extra money on the side.

You can also start your business painting address. Painting does not require much skill. Anyone can easily learn how to paint. You can, therefore, make some good money painting houses for new home owners and also paint older homes. The prices are decent. This is a good way to make easy money.

You could also start a pet waste removal service in your local community. Although it is a dirty job, you can earn some good money. Put advertisements with your phone number on them so that the customers can call you as soon as they need you.

You could also start a peephole installation business. It pays quite well. It is among the easy ways to make money.

You could also take on tutoring. If you are good at any subject, you can become a tutor. However, you will need to have a vast knowledge of the subject at hand. This sort of job is quite flexible for you can work on the weekends. You will need to advertise your services to parents in your areas. You should probably look for your clients in the library or newspapers among others. You could try contacting your local phone company to give you a job of delivering phone books. You will need to hustle the books from one door to the next. It is a little tiresome but will earn you earn some extra money.

You can also bank your money and take advantage of the interest rates most banks are offering. You can turn banking into a lucrative venture. Try getting a paper route. This will, however, require you to have a means of transport. With a vehicle at your disposal, you can make hundreds of dollars weekly. You will need to talk to your local newspaper to find out the routes available in your locality. This is also a good way to earn extra money.